1882-1907 Valuation Map showing Church Street, Coleraine
(PRONI: VAL/12/E/156/1/9)

This was the map that the valuers used when recording revisions to properties in the street during the period 1882 to 1907 [see database of Griffith's Revisions for the street]. This map was very much a working map as the revisions to numbers show. Notice that one set of numbers directly in front of each building in the street has been crossed out and a new numbers added. The stroked out numbers relate back to the 1859 map which had been used by the valuers between then and 1882. Some time after 1882 they began to use new numbers for each side of the street - even numbers on the north side [2 to 38] and odd numbers on the south side [1 to 37]. Note that numbers 36 & 38 are off the edge of this map. These numbers can be seen more clearly on the later 1907-1935 map.

Copyright 2010 W. Macafee.