Copy of a page from the VAL/2B Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation of 1858 for Church Street, Coleraine
(PRONI: VAL/2B/5/3C)

This is a page from the manuscript book of Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation carried out in 1858. This information was used to calculate the overall valuation of the buildings which made up a property, which was then entered  in the Printed Version of the Valuation which was published in 1859. Note that the valuers used a similar code for describing the age and condition of the buildings [1B, 1C, etc.] that was used in the earlier [Townland] Valuation of 1832. They also recorded the length [frontage] and breadth [depth] of the building as in the 1830s. However, the measurements relating to the frontage and depth of buildings were now in yards rather than feet as in the earlier 1832 Valuation. Note also that the height of buildings was now given by the number of floors or storeys [1, 11/2 and 2, etc.] rather than in feet and inches.  In many cases the valuers would add comments which never appeared in the printed version of 1859. Below is an example of a page from the manuscript book. Note that the numbering on this page is 18, 19 & 20 identifying three separate elements within this building. These three numbers are stroked out and the three parts of this building are grouped under the number 16. It is the number 16 which is used in the 1859 printed version.

Because there are a large number of pages covering Church Street, I have created a database which summarises the information on the houses in the street and includes any comments made by the valuers.  Note that I have converted the measurements of the frontage and depth of buildings to feet in the database. This makes it easier to compare the 1859 buildings with the earlier 1832 buildings. Note also that the database also contains a column which links most of the 1859 buildings to the earlier 1832 buildings. The database is available in Excel and PDF formats.

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