1832 Townland Valuation of the Town of Coleraine

The valuation of the town of Coleraine took place in 1832. The field notebooks which are held in PRONI  [VAL/1B/542A-C] contain lists of the persons who occupied most of the houses in each street plus detailed information on most of the houses in the town. It has not been possible to include all of the pages that give details of the houses, the number is too large. Instead, I have included the pages relating to Church Street, which is also the subject of a more detailed locality study.

I have databased the names of the occupiers of all of the houses in all of the streets within the town, that were listed in the valuation for the parish of Coleraine on the east bank of the river Bann. The numbers in the Street No. column within the database correspond to the numbers on the 1834 valuation map. Also included in the database is a brief description of each property and the amount of its valuation - some properties were exempt.

Note that, in the Excel version of the database, I have also supplied an alphabetical list of surnames for the entire street for ease of comparison with other sources. Because of the date 1832 it is useful to compare the valuation list with the householders listed in the 1831 Census.

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