Some pages from the Griffith's Revision Books for the townland of Drumderg
[Draperstown DED, VAL/12/B/34/12A-F]

You can find the PRONI reference number for the Griffith's Revision Books for the townland of Drumderg by using the online PRONI eCatalogue. All you have to know is the general PRONI reference number for Griffith's Revision Books which is VAL/12/B and the DED in which the townland was situated - in this case, Draperstown. Then you fill in the two boxes as shown below in the first slide and you will obtain the result shown in the second slide. Note that there is asterisk after B. This is a wildcard search which will bring out all of the books relating to this DED and, indeed, one, which you ignore.

As an example of how you "read" the changes recorded in these books for each holding within the townland between 1860 and 1929, we are going to look, in particular, at the changes to the holdings 24A & 24 B which were occupied by Patrick and Francis McKenna in the Griffith’s Printed Valuation of 1859.

I have summarised the changes for all of the holdings in the townland in the Griffith's Revisions 1860-1911 pdf file for Drumderg. In the case of 24A & B I have noted the changes up to 1920. I would suggest that you have copy of page 3 of this pdf file to hand before you view the actual pages from the Revision Books.

There were no changes to 24A & B in Book 12A [1860-1863].  In Book 12B [1864-1881] Patrick McKenna’s name was stroked out in 1874 and Francis McKenna took overall control of No. 24.  In Book 12C [1881-1883] there were no changes. However, in Books 12 D, 12E and 12 F, there were changes. Below are links to these pages where you can work out the changes that took place to 24A & B from 1885 onwards. I must warn you that the changes in 24A and B are not the easiest to interpret. Nos. 22, 23 and 25 are much easier to follow.

Page 41 from VAL/12/B/34/12D [1884-1898]

Page 47 from VAL/12/B/34/12E [1899-1915]                

Page 51 from VAL/12/B/34/12F [1916-1929]

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