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Here I have brought together the large scale town maps that were "scattered" throughout earlier versions of this website plus some photos which were linked to some of these maps. Where possible, I have included the lists of names associated with the 1834 and 1859 town maps. I have not included lists of names for the later town maps. These can be obtained online at PRONI; Valuation Revision Books. Note, that in the case of the larger towns, I have included a series of maps which show the growth of these urban areas.

Before looking at these maps a visit to the maps showing Administrative Divisions within Co. Londonderry and parts of Co. Antrim and Co. Tyrone.

Maps showing Administrative Divisions

Click on the Administrative Divisions link in the top menu for County, Barony, Parish and Townland maps plus County, Poor Law Union, DED and Townland maps. Here there is also a selection of Parish and Townland maps for parts of Counties Antrim, Londonderry and Tyrone.

Selection of large scale Town Maps/Plans



1734 map 1814 map 1833 OS map 1950 OS map Photographs
No 1834 Val Map - Names 1859 Valuation map - Names 1880 Val Map - north part of town - south part of town
Church Street     1880 Val Map 1895 Val Map [Get names @PRONI]

City of Derry/Londonderry

City OS Maps of the city in   1833     1856     1905.
1834 Valuation map - Names William Street 1834 Valuation Map. 1859 Valuation map - Names
William Street 1859 & 1873-1910 Valuation maps [Get names @ PRONI] Some Photos of William Street 2009.


Town O'Hagan's Map of 1845.
1834 Valuation map - Names 1859 Valuation map - Names
Church Street 1834 Valuation map - Names 1859-1935 Valuation maps [Get names @ PRONI]
North Side - South Side [1816 Drawings] North Side - South Side [1900s Photos]


Town 1834 Valuation map - Names 1859 Valuation map - Names PRONI: VAL/12/E/ 146/1 [1904-1908] & VAL/3/G/120/1 [1937-1954] etc.


Town 1834 Valuation map - Names 1859 Valuation map - Names PRONI: VAL/12/E/ 149/1 [1894-1898] & VAL/12/E/149/2 [1898-1908] etc.


Town 1834 Valuation map - Names 1859 Valuation map - Names PRONI: VAL/12/E/ 151/1 [1893-1898] & VAL/12/E/151/2 [1898-1909] etc.

Large scale numbered valuation maps are available for almost any village or town within Northern Ireland e.g. Articlave, Armoy, Ballintoy, Ballykelly, Bellaghy, Portstewart, Portrush, Dervock, Stranocum to name a few. However, these maps are only available at PRONI or, in some cases, at local libraries.

Note that none of these large scale maps are available on the website. However, by zooming in on the askaboutireland maps you will be able to see the layout of the streets within towns and villages c. 1880. If you use the slider to switch to the satellite image you can see the buildings and streets of today [c.2008].

Also, go to PRONI and click on the PRONI Historical Maps Viewer for online maps dating from c.1830 onwards. I cannot create a link directly to this Viewer from this page.

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