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The right-hand menu contains links to a number of databases covering the period c.1630 to c.1860. I have created these databases from sources sometimes referred to as Census Substitutes.

  • The seventeenth-century sources include the Muster Rolls for 1622 and 1630; the Hearth Money Rolls for 1663 [Co. Londonderry] and 1669 [Co.Antrim]; and the Subsidy Rolls for 1663 [Co. Londonderry] and 1666 [Co. Antrim].
  • The eighteenth-century sources include the Protestant Householders' Returns for 1740; a Religious Census for 1766; and a List of Flaxgrowers for 1796.
  • The nineteenth-century sources include the 1803 Agricultural Census for parts of North Antrim; Church Censuses for the parish of Ballintoy [1803] and 1st Ballymoney Presbyterian Church [1817]; a kind of Census for 1831 for all of Co. Londonderry; the Tithe Applotment Books for the 1820s/1830s for some parishes in North Antrim and South Derry[still to come]; the 1830s Townland Valuation [particularly towns]; the Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation for c.1860; and a selection of townlands from the Griffith's Revision Books. Note that most of the databases containing information from the Griffith's Revision Books are to be found on the Case Studies webpage in conjunction with the c.1860 Printed Griffith's Valuation and accompanying maps plus the 1901 and 1911 Census Returns. This will enable you to see how the properties listed in c.1860 Printed Valuation can be matched to the properties listed in the 1901 and 1911 Census Returns.
  • Note that only the databases of the Hearth Money Rolls of the 1660s and the Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation of c.1860 cover all baronies and parishes within Co. Londonderry and North & Mid Antrim. Unfortunately the other databases only cover parts of the total region. And, don't forget, the 1660s databases will not enumerate all families living in the area at that time. The pages that introduce each database on the website will provide details of the areas covered and give a brief introduction to each source.

These c.1630-c.1860 databases, when used in conjunction with the 1901/1911 online census database will allow you to identify where particular names are to be found within Co. Londonderry and North & Mid Antrim at various times from the seventeenth to the early twentieth century. A feature of these databases is the use of standardised surnames and modern day spellings of townlands. This should help those of you who are new to family history and not familar with Co. Londonderry and North & Mid Antrim to, at least, find the areas where your surname appeared at various times in the past. Even those of you who have been researching the area for some time may find these databases useful. Note also that I have included the spellings of surnames and townlands as they appear in the "original" document - read more. Note, however that the continuity of a name in a series of databases covering the period 1630 to c.1860 is not, by itself, firm proof that this is the same family - even if the name appears to be in the same locality. Furthermore, the databases containing information from seventeenth and eighteenth centuries rarely provide precise location of houses and holdings. Only estate records, where available, can supply this information.

The databases have been produced in Excel. I appreciate that some of you will not have Excel on your computer. Therefore, to overcome this problem, most of the databases are also available as PDF files. I'm assuming that most of you will have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader which will open the PDF files. If not, go to  for a free copy of the latest version of the reader. All of the databases will open in a separate window or a separate tab, depending on the browser that you are using and the way it has been configured.

Remember these databases are not primary sources. I have never seen a database that did not contain mistakes. I have checked the databases on this site many times but I cannot guarantee that all of the information in them is 100% correct. To be absolutely sure of particular information in a database, you should check the "original" document from which it was created

My Databases
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Databases compiled from 18th Century Census Subtitutes
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