Ballymoney Ancestry

In recent years, Ballymoney Borough Council has measured a considerable increase in inquiries from families researching Northern Ireland Genealogy in this region. In response to this, and with the assistance of the EU Programme for Building Sustainable Prosperity, the council has provided a website, Ballymoney Ancestry, as a free, on-line resource.

The sites contains searchable databases of a wide range of sources. I searched for my grandfather in the School Registers. As you can see below I found him in Seacon School, the same school that I attended.

Here is a photograph of the school today. It is now part of the outbuildings on a farm. When I was at school the farm belonged to the Hanna Family and Mrs Hanna also had a shop beside the school.

Here is a photograph of the pupils who attended the school in the late 1940s. The teacher in the photograph is Mrs Morrison.

Copyright 2011 W. Macafee.