Database of Enrolment Registers for National Schools in Co. Londonderry, held in PRONI

This database lists most of the National School Enrolment Registers for Co. Londonderry held in PRONI.

Within the database the schools are listed alphabetically. The Parish and Barony columns should make it easier to identify the schools within localities throughout the county. I cannot guarantee that all schools with registers held in PRONI are listed in this database. Also it must be remembered that not all of the extant registers for the county have been deposited in PRONI, some are still in local custody.

The PRONI reference or catalogue number is given against each register. For example, Burnfoot School in the parish of Bovevagh is catalogued as SCH/1094/1/1-3. The number 1094 is the school reference number assigned by PRONI. The /1 indicates that it is a school register. The /1-3 indicates that there are three separate registers.

Many of the schools will have other records such as roll books, daily report books and inspectors' reports. These have not been included in the database. However, once you know the PRONI reference number for a school it is very easy to see what other records are available for that school by using the PRONI eCatalogue. The example of Burnfoot school is shown below. I knew, from the database, that the PRONI school reference number for Burnfoot was 1094 so I typed in SCH/1094* in the "PRONI Ref:" box. The * meant that this was a wildcard search which would bring out any SCH records containing the reference number 1094.

This produced the window shown below.

Here you can see that the school is catalogued as SCH/1094, its enrolments registers are SCH/1094/1/1-3, each one covering different dates, its roll books are SCH/1094/2/1-6, each one covering different dates, its inspectors' reports are SCH/1094/5/1-2, each one covering different dates and its daily report book is SCH/1094/6/1. Note that all SCH enrolment registers have a /1 after the school reference number, roll books a /2, inspectors' books a /5 and daily report books a /6.

You can, therefore select any school reference number and type in SCH/the school reference number* and access all of the SCH records available for that school.

I have added eight schools at the end of the Enrolment Registers database which do not have registers but do have rolls. Again, you can use their school reference numbers to see what other records are available for each school.

If you cannot find the school that you are looking for in the database then you can search the PRONI eCatalogue. Remember, of course, that you may not find it simply because PRONI does not have any records relating to it. Another reason could be that the spelling of the school's name in the eCatalogue is not matching the names that you are entering in the "Any Text" box in the "Search the eCatalogue" window. When I was first searching for Ballyneaner school I typed in Ballyneaner in the "Any Text" box in the "Search the eCatalogue" window but got a nil result.  I finally found it by using the wildcard search Ballyne* shown below.

This produced the window shown below.

Obviously, the result brought up two other schools, but it found the one that I wanted spelt Ballynenor and Ballyneanor - which explains my initial failure.

Copyright 2010 W. Macafee.