Notes on the Mooney Family of Seacon

I cannot prove conclusively who was actually living in 6Ba in 1861 but I can in 1864 when the Griffith's Revision Book covering the years 1864-1866 shows a John Mooney living in a house within the 6Ba complex. Below is a summary of what I know about the family of John Mooney plus the marriage of his brother Henry. The marriages show that their father was daniel. Given the addresses it looks as if the family was associated with Seacon More [High Secon] in the marriage certificate. They may all have been living in the weacing complex at 6Ba but it cannot be proved absolutely. I have only included the children of John, for reasons that will bcome clear below. A special thanks to Kathleen Connolly for her help with the baptisms of John Mooney's children.

As you will see in the Revision Books PowerPoint, a John Mooney is listed against 6Bb in Seacon More until the late 1890s. Usually this means that it easy to find the family in the 1901 Census. I had no difficulty finding his brother Henry and his offspring. I could not find a John Mooney that would fit the profile of this family anywhere in Ireland. I decided to see if I could find him or any members of his family in the Mormon website www. what follows are some of the results of that search. You can go there and carry out the search for yourself. The first screenshot below shows what you have to do to begin the search and the next screeshot shows the results of that search. I have added my interpretation of what the data shows. I may have got some of it wrong - so check it out for yourself.

Results of Search

The birth of Rose Ann Mooney was the first Mooney in the family to be registered under the new compulsory civil registratration of all BDMs in 1864. Abraham Lincoln Mooney the next [and probably] last child was born in America in Putnam County Illinois in 1869. With a name like Abraham Lincoln Mooney, where else could he have been born! Clearly the family ended up in the USA. having emigrated some time after 2nd Dec. 1865 and 1869. John was a weaver. Clearly the 1896 stroking out of John Mooney's name in the Revision Books was, to say the least, a bit on the late side! John was a weaver, his trade was indecline by the 1860s and like many others in the area he decided to try his luck in the New World. His brother Henry remained, but his son did not follow in his footsteps - he became a shoemaker. Descendants of Henry are still living in the Seacon area today.

The family must have moved to Sac City Iowa where in 1891 Abraham Lincoln marries an Emma Jane Carter born 1871 in Polk County Iowa. In 1907 his older sister Mary Jane, born 1859 in Seacon, married a Samuel Chestnutt, aged 53, who was born in Ireland. I am fairly sure that these Chestnutts came from the nearby town of Seacon Lower or Ballygan and, given Mary Jane's age of 48 at the time of her marriage, they may have been childhood sweethearts. This, of course, is pure speculation.

Finally we see Abraham Lincoln Mooney dying in Spokane, Washington in 1951 aged 81.

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