Pinkerton Births, Deaths and Marriages

I must acknowledge and thank the following for their help in sorting out the many Pinkerton families who lived not only in Seacon More but also in a number of other townlands in the Ballymoney area - Dorothy Arthur, Kathleen Connolly, Linde Lunney and John W. D. Pinkerton the great, great grandson of John Pinkerton [1845-1908] MP for Galway 1886-1900. The diagram below provides some information [in the boxes] on the Pinkertons who are listed as occupiers of houses 2Aa, 3Ba, 4Ba, 6Ba and 7Aa in the printed Griifith's [Tenement] Valuation of 1861 for Seacon More. Above the boxes are very basic family trees that show "where they came from", genealogically speaking. I cannot connect, genealogically, the three branches of Pinkertons generated by James [????] Samuel [1728-1815] and ???????.

We are interested in the two James Pinkertons in 4Ba and 6Ba. The James listed against 4BA is the James [1811-1892] who was the son of John [1766-1824] who was the son of Samuel [1728-1815].

The other James who held 6Ba was the son of Robert and his grandfather was probably a James but that cannot be proven absolutely.

Neither James had any children. They both left wills that can be seen online at PRONI - just type in James Pinkerton in the forename and surname boxes and click on Search. - no other info.required. Incidentally there is a will for Samuel [1728-1815] - click here to see a copy.

Some relevant Pinkerton Marriages 1839 to 1847.

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