Using the Griffith's Valuation Revision Books c.1860 to c.1930
[Townlands in Rural Areas: Seacon More]

This example [a PowerPoint file] will use the townland of Seacon More near Ballymoney, to demonstrate how to:

  • access the Valuation Revision Books online;
  • "read" and interpret the pages within the Revision Books;
  • match the information in the books to the six inch valuation maps;
  • match the house numbers and names in the Revision Books with the house numbers and names in 1901 and 1911 Census Returns.

In addition, you will need to use Valuation Maps when looking at the Valuation Books. You can use the map from the website when looking at the changes that took place between c.1860 and 1895.

You will, however need a later map for Book E [1897-1911] and Book F [1912-1929]. These maps are only available in PRONI. Click here for part of the VAL/12/D/1/11G [1914-1935] map [enlarged].

Also, by way of background information, have a look at these two papers - Pinkerton Births, Deaths and Marriages - Notes on the Mooney Family of Seacon

Also you may want to [search online] for the will of James Pinkerton of Seacon More who died in 1892 and the will of James Pinkerton of Moneygobbin who died in 1876.

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