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Estate Records

Landed estate papers are an invaluable source for family and local historians - read more. The first two tables below contains links to material relating to North and Mid Antrim and Co. Londonderry as a whole. This is then followed by examples of some estates in North Antrim and South Derry.


Landlord of each Townland in North and Mid Antrim c.1860 [Sorted by Townland] - read more. Excel PDF
Map showing the distribution of some of the estates in North Antrim [originally held entirely by the Earl of Antrim] 1860 Map


Landlord of each Townland in Co. Londonderry, c.1859 and 1600s [Sorted by Townland] - read more. Excel PDF
London Companies' Estates, Church Lands & Native Freeholds in Co. Londonderry [Notes on London Companies] 1613 Map
Landed Estate Records extant for Co. Londonderry - read more. Excel PDF
Estates in Co. Londonderry sold by the Encumbered Estates & Landed Estates Courts, 1850-1874 - read more. Excel PDF

AGNEW, HUTCHINSON & MONTGOMERY ESTATES IN NORTH ANTRIM - Before clicking on the links below you should read this,

Agnew Estate: maps of some of the townlands on the estate with names of tenants, 1788 [PRONI: T2309/1]. Those townlands marked * will not appear in the later nineteenth-century lists of official townlands. Their names will still appear on Ordnance Survey maps as subdenominations of newer, larger townlands - see townland map. During the 1830s Tumoke and Mullan became part of the new townland of Magheraboy Upper. Ballymacwilliam and Killogue, along with the smaller townland of Crosstagherty, made up the new townland of Crosstagherty. Likewise the smaller Smallquarter and Loughabin made up the newer townland of Smallquarter. Note also that in the nineteenth century local people would often give these older placenames as their address on marriage, birth and death certificates.

Islandmore Drumaqueran Kilraghts Tumoke & Mullan * Ballymacwilliam *
Crosstagherty Killogue * Smallquarter Loughabin * Artiferrall

Hutchinson Estate: maps of townlands with names of tenants, 1805 [PRONI: D408/1].

Killyramer & Dungorbery Calheme Dunaghy Greenshields .
Stranocum & Gladhill Livery Lower Ballyrobin Roseyards Kirkhills

Montgomery Estate: maps of some of the townlands with names of tenants, 1788 [PRONI: T1638,21/1].

Ballylough Carnageeragh Drumbest Kilmoyangey Legacurry

There is also a Rent Roll of the Estates of Hugh Montgomery 1810-1815 [PRONI: T1638/31/2].

See also - 1734 Map of the Town of Ballymoney with a list of tenants by street - by surname.


Rentals in the Townland of Halfgayne on the Bellaghy Estate
Perpetuity Leases in the Townland of Ballynacross & the Townland of Ballymacilcurr on the Bellaghy Estate
Correspondence relating to the Bellaghy Estate
Land Purchase Commission Sale relating to the Bellaghy Estate, 1929 [PDF]
See also: Judicial Rents & Land Purchase in the townland of Gorteade on the Mercers' Estate [PDF] [Excel version of database.]
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