Northern Ireland General Revaluations 1935-c.1970
[Streets in Towns: Stone Row Upper, Coleraine]

Before reading this paper you should be familiar with the Griffith's Revision Books c.1860-c.1930. If you want to carry on looking for people and where they lived in a locality after 1930 then you will have to switch to the General Revaluation of Northern Ireland which was first published in 1935 - producing the equivalent of a new Griffith's for that year - read more.

This example follows on from the Griffith'sValuation Revision Books example for Stone Row Upper, Coleraine so you should be aware of the changes that took place in this street before 1935.

Note that there are two different Books for the 1935-1957 Revaluation and its subsequent Revisions. The initial Revaluation VAL/3/B Book is in many ways the same as the 1859 Printed Griffith's Valuation in that it provides a list of occupiers and their properties. The VAL/3/C Book contains the Revisions up to 1957. At the moment I have not included the pages from the VAL/3/B Book. I intend to do that later.

Note that there is no initial Revaluation Book for the VAL/4/B Revaluation - only the Revision Book.

Below are copies of pages from the VAL/3/C/6/4 [1935 -1957] Revaluation Book and the VAL/4/B/5/3E [1957-1972] Revaluation Book for Stone Row Upper..

VAL/3/C/6/4 [1935 -1957] - page 240 - page 241. [Note that, initially, the first left-hand column in each page contains the same map numbers [1-14] used in the Griffith's Revision Books 9M [1900-1912] and 9P [1913-1931]. Pages 240 and 241 also contain a column of Local Nos. running from No. 32 to No. 58. These even numbers match the Nos. 1-14 in the first left-hand column of pages 240 and 241. In fact all of the numbers in the first left-hand columns are eventually stroked out leaving only the Local Nos.]

VAL/4/B/5/3E [1957-1972] - page 566 - page 567 - page 568. [The system of even numbers from 32 to 58 used in the VAL/3/C Book are also used in this VAL/4/B Book. However, you will notice that a new column [Valuation Office No.] has been added with single numbering running from 34 to 50. Ignore these numbers - they are used by the valuers in the valuation Office for their purposes and will not help with identifying the location of houses on the valuation maps.]

Incidentally the even numbers used in both books carry on to the present day. The only difference is that houses No. 32 and No. 34 no longer exist. The street today begins with No. 36 [No. 10 and No. 3 in the later Griffith's Valuation Revision Books covering the period 1900-1931].

Large scale Valuation Map.

Note that at the moment I am using the VAL/12/E/156/2/4 [1907-1935] map to identifying the location of the houses in this revaluation. The relevant numbers on the map are the 1-14 beside the even numbers stroked out - not the 1-14 in red. Note that there do not appear to be any large scale town maps for Coleraine available in PRONI. This is not typical for the rest of the towns and villages in the county. There are VAL/3/G maps available for the vast majority of towns and villages in the county covering the period 1935-c.1956.

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