Using the Griffith's Valuation Revision Books c.1860 to c.1930
[Streets in Towns: Stone Row Upper, Coleraine]

The purpose of this urban example [New Row Upper, Coleraine] is to provide some guidance on how to use the the PRONI online Valuation Revision Books c.1860 to c.1930. You should learn how to:

  • access the Revision Books online; [click here]
  • find the relevant Valuation Maps in PRONI; [click here]
  • "read" and interpret the pages within the Revision Books;
  • match the information in the books to the six inch valuation maps;
  • match the house numbers and names in the Revision Books with the house numbers and names in 1901 and 1911 Census Returns.

Before looking at the pages in the relevant Revision Books, familiarise yourself with Stone Row Upper, Coleraine by looking at the valuation maps listed below.

Valuation Maps of Stone Row Upper, Coleraine 1859-1935.

The following maps for Stone Row Upper, covering the period 1859 to 1935, are available [only in PRONI] - VAL/2/D/5/15 [c.1859] - VAL/12/E/156/1/9 & VAL/12/E/156/1/12 [1882-1907] and VAL/12/E/156/2/4 [1907-1935]. Note, in particular, the changes in the numbering of properties within these maps.

I have produced a version of the VAL/12/E/156/2/4 [1907-1935] map which contains all of the changes in numbers on one map. You can use this map when working with the Revision Books. Also, you might find these photos of the street helpful.

Valuation Revision Books 1859 to 1931 relating to Stone Row Upper, Coleraine

You can go online and get all of the pages yourself. by going to PRONI and Searching for the books which contain the pages relating to Stone Row Upper, Coleraine. Note that the Search brings out Stone Row plus Back Lane off Stone Row. Ignore the Back Lane Books. Note also that there are eleven books covering the street between 1859 and 1931. Books 9A & 9B [1859-1874] cover all of the streets in the town within each book. However, after 1874, it takes two books to cover the expanding streets in the town. I had to use the index in each book to find Stone Row Upper and the particular book that included the street. The specific books and the relevant page numbers are listed below.

"Reading" and Interpreting the pages in the Revision Books.

The page links [below] will take you to screenshots of the pages from the seven Revision Books that cover Stone Row Upper during the period 1859 to 1931. Note that each Book has to be opened separately but within each book you can begin with any page.

Click here for a table that will outline the changes that took place in all of the properties in the street between 1864 and 1929. The table contains the "answers" so to speak. You can check my answers against the actual pages. In some instances you may "read" the changes differently from me. If you have difficulty reading any of the pages, go online and get the page or pages direct from PRONI.

You should notice the frequent coming and going of families within the street between 1859 and 1911. Contrast this with the continuity of families in the rural townland of Gorteade. Notice also that redevelopment in parts of the street led to a renumbering of some of the properties. Note also how the 1234 etc. numbering of the Printed Griffith's is replaced by odd and even street numbering in Book 9H [1893-1899]. In the case of Stone Row Upper where all of the house are on one side of the street - only even numbering was adopted. As far as I can, I have matched this new even numbering with the numbering of houses in the 1901 and 1911 Census - see below. If you look at Book 9M [1900-1912] you will see that the numbering changed again - back to 1234,etc. numbering. Note that Stone Row Upper and the Diamond were the only streets in the town to undergo this change. This numbering continued until 1931 and, initially, was used by the N.I. General Revaluation of 1935. Here it was to change again to a numbering closer to the present-day numbering - see the General Revaluation example of Stone Row Upper. You will find that this process of changing valuation numbers takes place in most urban areas throughout the country in the later years of the nineteenth century and beyond. Ironically, in the case of Stone Row Upper the numbering in the later Revision Books of 1-14 matches the sequence used for Local Nos. in the second column of the 1859 Griffith's Printed Valuation. So when you see a house with a particular number in a street you need to check if you have got the correct number for the period which you are researching.

Unlike Gorteade I have not researched the individual families in the street to any great extent. The problem is that all of the families living in the street c.1900 have come from somewhere else. Not one family listed in 1859 was living in the street by the the time of the 1901 Census. Therefore, in this urban example I have concentrated on the changing of the numbers in the valuation books and maps and the process of matching these valuation numbers to the 1901 and 1911 Census house numbers.

VAL/12/B/30/9A [1859 -1865] - page 106 - page 107.

VAL/12/B/30/9B [1866-1874] - page 116 - page 117.

VAL/12/B/30/9D [1874-1884] - page 215 - page 216 - page 217.

VAL/12/B/30/9F [1885-1892] - page 211 - page 212 - page 213.

VAL/12/B/30/9H [1893-1899] - page 210 - page 211 - page 212.

VAL/12/B/30/9M [1900-1912] - page 355 - page 356 - page 357.

VAL/12/B/30/9P [1913-1931] - page 284 - page 285 - page 286.

Matching the Valuation Numbers with the House Numbers in the 1901 & 1911 Census Returns for Stone Row Upper, Coleraine

1901 Census Form B1. ------------- 1911 Census Form B1. Note that John McCormick [No. 1 in 1901 and No. 15 in 1911 Census] lived in the corner house [Valuation No. 21] in Cross Lane. The Census Enumerators in 1901 and 1911 chose to include this house in Stone Row Upper - the valuers had always included it in Cross Lane. This often happens with corner houses and can lead to some confusion when looking for such a house.

Databases of the 1901 & 1911 Census Returns for Stone Row Upper, Coleraine

Below are two databases, one for 1901 and one for 1911, listing the Head of Family of each house/property in Stone Row Upper, Coleraine.. Note that clicking on either the surname or the forename of each Head of Family in each database will take you to the National Archives website where you can see the detailed information on each family plus any other persons living in or visiting in that household on the night of the Census.

Excel Database of Heads of Families in 1901 Census for Stone Row Upper ............. Excel Database of Heads of Families in 1911 Census for Stone Row Upper.

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